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“Everything that’s happening to you, is what’s suppose to be happening to you. So just relax.”

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And she be like “Ay que rico” when I’m going real deep though
You can give me all of them besos, just stay low, do what I say so
Fuck me now, oh shit, excuse my French but I got a bad bitch
And she ain’t from France but she french kiss dick
And she ain’t got plans cause they get dismissed

Mobfioso squad Boyz album coming soon “LIGHTS-ON”

Welcome 2my World (ft. @YoungJoker @bumpyjohnson MKA @Kilo_kapanel on SoundCloud

Hott hood politics song by the new west coast messiah Kilo kapanel

There U Go - 2pac


Kilo Kapanel
Tha Bumpy Johnson Album
A #Numbers Game….Coming soon

2014 #Best of #Atlanta #Award.

2014 #Best of #Atlanta #Award.